Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit - Matthew 28:19

     Jesus was clear when he left us with the Great Commission; Spreading his message to all people everywhere should be a regular part of our Christian life. For some of us that means leaving our families and going to another country. For others it means giving financially to individual missionaries and organizations. We provide a variety of opportunities to participate in supporting missions around the world.

    Here are the organizations that we partner with through prayer and financial support.

    COMPACT Christian Services

    Compact Christian Service is a Christ-centered ministry whose mission is "to redeem vulnerable children and families through compassion in action." They are a comprehensive ministry that provides housing, care, and child services to those in need. To learn more click here.

    Operation Christmas Child

    Operation Christmas Child is a ministry of Samaritan's Purse. OCC partners with Churches to provide children around the world with the message of hope found in Jesus Christ. Each year Butler City Church packs shoe boxes full of Christmas toys. Not only do these children receive a Christmas gift for the first time in their life, they also get to hear the gospel message perhaps for the first time as well. To learn more click here.


    A21 is an organization on the front lines of the human-trafficking crisis. They are often referred to as 21st century abolitionists whose sole purpose is to rescue those enslaved in human trafficking and to disrupt the trade as much as possible. To learn more click here.

    Assemblies of God World Missions

    The AGWM is an international missions organization that sends missionaries around the world for one specific reason; "So all can hear". Through AGWM our church is able to give to specific missionaries in specific countries to assist them in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus. To learn more
    click here.