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    Overcoming Bias

    Easter 2020

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    Dollars and Sense Part 3


    These are podcasts of the Sunday morning messages.

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    • Dollars and Sense Pt 2: The Test Listen

      Pastor Brandon Petras - March 28, 2020

    • Dollars and Sense Pt. 1: The Heart of the Matter Listen

      Pastor Brandon Petras - March 03, 2020

      Money is always a touchy subject, especially talking about it in Church.  Have you ever wondered why that is?  Why is it that we feel that resistance build up within us when the subject of money is brought up.  Listen to part 1 of this new series on experiencing God's blessing through how we manage our money as Pastor Brandon talks about the heart of the matter.  In this message we expose how the heart has everything to do with how we view our money and determines how much we are willing to experience God's blessings in our lives.
    • Marriage Boot Camp Pt 4: Enjoying the Spoils of Victory Listen

      Pastor Brandon Petras - March 03, 2020

      Throughout this series we have tried to demonstrate the need to prepare for challenges in marriage.  We know what happens when we get it wrong and our marriages fail, but what happens when we get it right?  Listen to this final message in our Marriage Boot Camp series as Pastor Brandon shares the benefits to being prepared for battle and coming out the other side in victory.
    • Marriage Boot Camp Pt 3: Fortify the Defenses Listen

      Pastor Brandon Petras - February 17, 2020

      In the third part of this series Pastor Brandon explains why a good offense, starts with a solid defense.  The enemy of our marriage will attack us, so we must take a strong defensive position.  Listen as he explains the key components to a solid defense in marriage.
    • Marriage Boot Camp Pt 2: Develop a Battle Plan Listen

      Pastor Brandon Petras - February 12, 2020

      In part 1 we established that there is an enemy who wants to destroy our marriages, and if that is true then we need to develop a battle plan or else we will get caught off guard when he attacks.  In part 2 of our Marriage Boot Camp Series Pastor Brandon explains the two big picture ideas that every plan needs to have.
    • Marriage Boot Camp Pt 1: Know Your Enemy Listen

      Pastor Brandon Petras - February 03, 2020

      Join us for part 1 of this 4 part Marriage Boot Camp series as Pastor Brandon shares the importance of being prepared to do battle for your marriage.  Getting married is easy, staying married is hard, thriving in your marriage is impossible on our own.  Listen as we discover who our real enemy is and at the same time who we can rely on to defeat them.
    • You In Five Years Part 5: What Can't Be Taken Away Listen

      Pastor Brandon Petras - February 03, 2020

      Listen as Pastor Brandon brings our You In Five Years message series to a close.  In this final message Pastor Brandon poses the question, "what happens when our plan fails or is taken away from us?"  The answer is quite simple, by clinging to what can never be taken away.
    • You In Five Years Part 4: From Evening to Morning Listen

      Pastor Brandon Petras - January 25, 2020

      In this 4th part of our "You In Five Years" series, Pastor Brandon discusses how our time plays a role in the success of the change we hope to make in our lives.  And how not managing it well, will prevent us from the change we want.

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